Health and Wellbeing/Staying Safe

Being physically healthy, mentally well and staying safe are all important. Your personal advisor can support you to register with basic health care services such as a GP, Dentist and Optician.

If you have a health related appointment, we can help you get to it. We can try to attend with you if you feel you need some support.

There are a range of services and support you can access to help maintain or improve your general health and wellbeing. There are also some more specialised services if you become unwell.

Your personal advisor is always there to talk if you have any worries and can help you to access help if you need it.

Your mental health and wellbeing are just as important as your physical health.

If you feel that you are unhappy or may be struggling to cope with things, you can access a range of talking therapies through Lets Talk. You can refer yourself or ask your personal advisor to help you with this.

Mental Health Response Service

If you are in a crisis and need someone to talk to you can contact the Mental Health Crisis Team.

Drugs - Alcohol

ReFresh is a young people’s drug and alcohol service. It provides confidential support for young people up to the age of 18 who live, study or work in Hull.

ReNew offer drug and alcohol support services for young people 18 years and over.

Sexual Health

Young people over 19 years of age can get advice and support around sexual health from MESMAC.

Live It Memberships (Tonic Cards)

Young people up to the age of 21 years can get a Tonic Card. It will give access to Hull Culture and Leisure facilities like gyms and some classes. There are discounts for some activities. If you do not have a Tonic Card already, get in touch with your personal advisor. They will arrange for one to be posted out to you.

Social - Leisure - Cultural activities

We are currently working with Hull Culture and Leisure Services to find more opportunities for you to get active and involved in local activities.

We often get offers of free tickets to the theatre, shows at the city hall and gigs and festivals. Keep an eye out for offers on our Facebook page.

Hobbies - Interests

If you have a hobby, an interest you would like to investigate or are a member of a club or team, talk to your personal advisor. They can help you look for a team or club. They can even help with membership fees, clothing and equipment.