Housing, your home and where you live

Having somewhere to call home which is -

  • safe
  • secure
  • warm

is very important.

We will work with you to make sure that you have somewhere suitable to live so that you can have some stability. We will ensure that pathway planning and reviews are focused but realistic. This is in relation to your accommodation needs and steps towards independence.

We will provide you with a setting up home allowance. It is to buy the things you need to start off in your own accommodation.

We will help support you to get B and B status with us. In conjunction with housing and Targeted Youth Support (TYS), we offer floating support to help you keep your tenancy if you need it.

16 to 17 years

We want you to stay in care until you are at least 18 years of age in places like a fostering placement or children’s home. If you choose to leave care before you are 18, we will make sure you have somewhere suitable to live and the right support to live independently.

18 years up and planning for your future

There are a range of accommodation options available to you such as -

  • staying put
  • staying close
  • supported lodgings
  • semi-independent accommodation
  • shared accommodation 
  • Hull City Council tenancy

Your personal advisor will work with you to ensure you have a place to call home and that you feel safe and secure. The accommodation providers we use will work with you to test out and develop the skills you need to live independently.

University and vacation accommodation

The Leaving Care team will make sure you can access all the relevant support available to you around going to university. This could mean living in student halls or other accommodation depending on your circumstances. We will also ensure that you have somewhere to stay during academic breaks.

Release from custody

Your support worker will work with you and other services such as Hull Youth Justice Services and Probation. This is to ensure that there is a suitable plan for your release from custody. You should be able to expect that you will know where you will be living when you are released from custody.

Homelessness and emergency accommodation

If you come into difficulty around your accommodation and are homeless, or you become at risk of being made homeless, you can access advice and support. This is through Housing Related Services (HRS) and the Single Point of Coordination (SPOC).

This support is provided by the Targeted Youth Support team based at Kenworthy House. You should contact your personal advisor as soon as possible. This is to complete a referral form and arrange a meeting to look into your situation.

TYS will help to find emergency accommodation. They will also complete a Personalised Housing Plan (PHP) in conjunction with your personal advisor. This will help you to plan your journey towards more settled accommodation.

If you continue to struggle with being homeless and finding accommodation, your personal advisor will refer you to the Specialist Accommodation Support Team (SAS). They will give you a support worker. The support worker will work with you around your wants and feelings about accommodation. They will mediate on your behalf when there are any tenancy issues.

Enhanced housing offer

We work with the housing department. This is to ensure that we support you to successfully move into independent living within one of our properties.

When ready for independent living, your personal advisor will refer you to the advocacy, assessment and support pod. They will take on an assessment.

If you are deemed ready for independent living or rehousing, you will be awarded a B and B. You will then be able to bid on properties. Your personal advisor can help you with this if you are not sure.

Once allocated a property as a care leaver you will be entitled to -

  • 2 rent free weeks
  • connection of a cooker to be arranged and paid for by housing as part of the sign-up process
  • properties to be painted throughout unless they are in good condition
  • no charge for a replacement wheelie bin if it is stolen before move in date

You will have a named officer for all tenancy and housing related issues.

A programme called Passport to Property is used. It assists you in making planned moves rather than becoming homeless. The programme will support you in developing your skills and confidence. This means that you move into independence when you are ready to make a positive and successful move into independent living.

If you are homeless, the housing options officer will work with you and your personal advisor to provide housing support and advice. If you are at risk of homelessness and rough sleeping, you will be given a Specialist Homeless Prevention Officer to help support you.