Your right to be heard

Register to vote

If you are 18 years old, you can register to vote in Hull City Council local elections. You can then vote for local councillors who you think should run local services. You can also vote in General Elections to vote for MPs who you think should run the country. You can vote in referendums where the government asks the public to vote on big national decisions like the Brexit vote.

For more information on registering to vote, talk to your personal advisor or check the link. You can register to vote online or ask for a form to fill in to get registered.

Find out about local politics and democracy

We are currently working with local councillors. We want to develop some information around -

  • how local democracy works
  • the work the council does in supporting the citizens of Hull
  • helping the city grow and prosper

Room 42 and the local offer team

Hull City Council has employed some young people to act as champions for care leavers in Hull. They are based in Room 42 of the Guildhall in the local offer team. They have been talking to young people about the services and support they receive from the council. This is to try to improve things and create more opportunities for young people in all areas of the council. This is as well as in the local community.

The team has been working hard around all areas of this local offer. They will be working on a range of activities and events to celebrate positive images of young people. The team wants to recognise their achievements. The aim of the local offer team is to move towards the gold standard of services and support for our young people.

Care leaver group - Action 4 Us

The Care Leaver Group is a group of care leavers who meet monthly and attend a range of -

  • boards
  • meetings
  • panels

To let people know about how they experience life and what things could be done to try to make things better, we meet with our corporate parents regularly. This is to make sure that things are going well for all our young people. Anything which is not going well is looked at to make sure that something is done to try to improve things.

Care leavers drop in

There is a drop-in session for care leavers aged 18 to 25 years to meet other young people and talk about things that matter to you. We will be arranging a whole range of activities and sessions to support you to move towards independence.

The group meets on Thursdays 12.30pm to 2.30pm in room 42 at the Guildhall.

Care leaver forums

These are quarterly events where care leavers are invited to attend a forum. They can discuss and put forward questions to a number of -

  • senior leaders
  • counsellors
  • key professionals

on a specific topic. Forums already held have discussed -

  • accommodation
  • education
  • employment
  • training


Nurture a Child is a local charity which supports care leavers in Hull around a range of activities. Nurture a Child has sponsored young people to -

  • support their academic studies
  • access employment
  • fund activities
  • experience the things that the council would not be able to fund

If you are interested in doing something to raise money for Nurture a Child, talk to your personal advisor. This will go back towards supporting our young people.