School transfers

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, or statement of special educational need, there is a separate admissions process. Find more details on the Local Offer Website.

The school admissions team coordinate school in year transfer requests. They do this for all primary and secondary schools in Hull. This is except for Kingswood Academy. You will need to contact Kingswood Academy by telephone - 01482 879 967.

If you are moving into Hull or across the city, it is sometimes unavoidable to request to change schools. We try to place your child in a school as soon as possible.

You should only consider moving your child as a last resort. A change of school can have a negative impact on a child's progress.


If you want to apply for a primary to secondary school transfer, or your child is due to start primary school for September 2024, do not use the below application form. Follow the process as outlined on the appropriately linked pages.

First, contact your child's current school. Discuss with them your intention to apply for an in year transfer. Once a school place is allocated, we expect you to take up that place within 10 school days. If you ask for a start date sometime in the future, we put your application on hold. It is on hold until nearer the time the school place is required.

If you have moved to the UK and want to apply for a school place for your child, check that you have a right of abode. Or that the conditions of your immigration status let you access a state funded school place. It is your responsibility as the parent to check that your children have a right to study at a state funded school.

Access our online form below to apply for an in year transfer. We send your details to the Admissions Team as soon as you start completing this form. This is so that, if you do not fully complete and submit the form, we can contact you in the next few weeks. This is to check if the transfer is still required, or if you had any issues with completing the form.

Apply for a school in year transfer (Opens in a new window)

Applications for schools not in Hull

If you live in Hull, make your application to the School Admissions Team in Hull. We coordinate all in year transfer applications for Hull residents. This applies even if the school that you prefer is in another local authority.

Applications for residents living outside of Hull

If you have not yet moved into Hull or if you live in a neighbouring authority but your preferred school is in Hull, first contact your own local authority. Many authorities coordinate school transfers for their residents. If your own local authority does not coordinate school in year transfer applications, contact the admissions team on 01482 300 300 for advice.

Children with an Education, Health and Care plan

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, or statement of special educational need, there is a separate admissions process. It is available via the Local Offer.

What happens next

After receiving your application, we decide if a school place can be allocated at any of your preferred schools. This will take an average of 15 school days. We will then write to you to confirm whether a place has been allocated. This may take a little longer during busy periods.


We offer you the right to appeal if we cannot place you at one of your preferred schools. An appeal form and guidance is sent to you with our letter. It confirms the outcome of your application.

You must return your appeal form to the Admissions Team within 20 school days. Some schools are responsible for arranging their own independent appeals. We send completed appeal forms to those schools on your behalf.

An independent appeal panel of 3 volunteers hears the appeal. They consider the -

  • school's reason for not offering a place
  • your reasons for needing a place at the school

Your appeal must be heard within 30 school days. You receive information at least ten days before the appeal date about the -

  • appeal
  • date and time
  • location

You are informed of the outcome of the appeal in writing shortly after the appeal is heard.

Information about changes to the Admissions Appeals Regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic is on the Government website.

Additional information

There is a primary school and secondary school guide for parents that is available below. The guides provide information about the -

  • types of schools
  • admissions arrangements
  • other useful information

Their in year coordinated scheme accessible via our downloads. It has key details about transferring schools during the year. It has the process for residents living inside and outside the city.

Most schools currently use a catchment area as part of the admission arrangements. You can see if your home is in the catchment area of your preferred school by looking at the catchment maps.

The admissions team has more information on catchment areas or maps. Contact them on 01482 300 300.

Fair Access

The fair access panel might allocate a school to a child that has not secured a school place and is not currently on the roll of a school.

School information

Information about each school is in the Guide for Parents, on the school website, or on the Ofsted Website. Ofsted changed the way they inspect and report on schools in September 2019.