Filming in residential and commercial areas

Procedure for low impact filming

Before filming

As this filming is small in nature, pre-communication and advance notice is not always necessary in this case. It is, however, good practice where possible.

For avoidance of doubt, low impact filming does not include -

  • set dressing of any sort
  • music playback
  • suspension of parking
  • use of action vehicles
  • use of firearms including replicas
  • the staging of a fight sequence.

This list is not exhaustive. The events team will advise further once a request has been received.

During filming

Access to surrounding homes and businesses must be kept clear at all times. Access to -

  • properties
  • businesses
  • pavements
  • highways

must be maintained at all times. This is unless permission has been given in advance by the -

  • resident
  • businesses
  • council

On completion of filming

The production is not required to send a thank you letter, but it is best practice to do so where it is possible.