Blue bins

A blue wheelie bin

Only the items listed below go in the blue bin -

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • catalogues
  • magazines and books
  • empty tins and cans
  • empty aerosols
  • clean kitchen foil
  • empty plastic bottles
  • empty food containers - not polystyrene
  • empty food and drinks cartons - Tetrapak
  • empty glass bottles and jars
  • empty carrier bags


Do not put black bin or brown bin waste in your blue bin. We will not empty it because it risks contaminating the recycling.

All items must be placed in the blue bin loose and clean. Items in carrier bags or bin bags will not be emptied.

If you are not sure if an item should go in the blue bin leave it out.

Used tissues should be bagged up and put in your black bin.


Keep it clean.

Put any food waste from your tins, jars and food containers in your kitchen caddy. Give these items a quick rinse in the washing up water, after washing the dishes.

If you are requesting a new waste pack you can do this via -

Chat to advisor on chat bot or