Make a change to a birth certificate

Re-register a child’s birth

A child's birth can be re-registered to include up-to-date information if -

  • the natural father’s details were not entered at the time of the original birth registration
  • the child’s parents have married after the original birth registration.

We can only re-register children born in Hull. If your child was born elsewhere in England and Wales, we can collect the details needed for the re-registration. We pass them on to the appropriate office to complete the re-registration.

If natural father’s details were not included on the original registration

If the parents were not married to each other at the time of the birth and the father did not attend with the mother to register the baby, you can re-register the birth at any time in the future. This would be to include the father’s details in the birth register and to change the surname of the child if needed.

Both parents must complete the relevant form. Return this to the Hull Register Office in the Wilson Centre before making an appointment.

If the parents have married each other since the birth was registered

The birth should be re-registered to accurately record the current legal status of the child. This is even if the fathers’ details were recorded on the original birth registration.

Complete the relevant form. It must be returned to the Hull Register Office in the Wilson Centre before making an appointment.

Once your completed form has been processed, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. This will be for you to attend to re-register your child’s birth at our office. If married to each other, either mother or father can attend the appointment to complete the re-registration. If not married, then mother and father must both be present at this appointment.

There is no charge to complete a re-registration.

If you need a new birth certificate showing the updated information after re-registration, the fee is £11 for each certificate.