Crime Prevention Fund

Revenue expenditure

Revenue costs are not eligible for Crime Prevention Funding. Specific examples of uses for revenue funding are shown below, grouped into themes.

Positive activities and events

  • costs towards putting on events for the target group such as -
    • fun days
    • coaching sessions
    • fetes
    • carnivals
    • fairs
    • festivals
  • costs towards putting on performances, plays, concerts that either involve or benefit the target group
  • running costs for a group that puts on positive activities. Groups are expected to become self-supporting. The CPF will not fund year after year. This includes -
    • venue hire
    • office or printing costs
    • transport
    • staff costs
  • helping to fund access to positive activities where a person’s circumstances make it hard for them to afford. Such as -
    • low income
    • physical disability
    • rural isolation

Therapeutic activities

  • funding professionals to support people with specific needs -
    • mental health issues
    • physical disabilities
    • dementia
  • putting on sessions that deliver therapeutic activities -
    • running 'music for the mind' events
    • mindfulness
    • support groups
    • counselling
  • funding of training for a group, so members have those skills -
    • safeguarding
    • first aid
    • mental health awareness
    • becoming a mentor
  • creating social opportunities that help to prevent isolation and loneliness. Examples are a lunch club or day centre

Sport and physical activities

  • coaching sessions
  • taster days
  • fun days
  • prizes and certificates at such events
  • training for leaders to improve skills -
    • coaching
    • mentoring
    • safeguarding
  • purchase of items that don’t qualify as Capital with lifespan less than 5 years -
    • balls
    • sports kit
  • transport to a specific venue to carry out an activity -
    • sailing lake
    • climbing wall
    • artificial ski slope

Community organisations

  • activities that support and encourage volunteering
  • salaries for paid workers within community organisations -
    • youth workers
    • support staff
    • counsellors
    • administrators
  • running costs for a community group that supports the target group of people. It is expected the group becomes self-supporting and CPF will not fund year after year -
    • venue hire
    • office or printing costs
    • staff costs
    • social media presence
    • website operation