Neighbourhood watch scheme or neighbours group

Start a neighbourhood watch scheme or neighbours group.

Any group of neighbours can come together to form a neighbourhood watch or neighbours group. It can be very simple to do and doesn't cost anything to get started.

The first step is to speak to your neighbours and find out if they are interested in starting a scheme. The more residents who want to get involved, the more successful a scheme will be. Not everyone in a street or neighbourhood needs to join.

You can start a group with a lot of interest or only a little. Many schemes start very small and then grow once residents see what it's all about. The main thing is to make a start and local charity neighbourhood network can assist with this.

Step-by-step guide to forming a neighbourhood watch or neighbours group

Identify an area to set up a scheme. This can be any size, but it is easier to manage starting with no more than 30 households.

Find out who is interested. Speak to your neighbours and find out if they are interested in starting a scheme. To do this you can distribute a small questionnaire, visit your neighbours or chat to them in the street when you see them.

Set up a system to communicate with your group members. The main aim of setting up a neighbourhood group is to share information and deal with issues within your neighbourhood. Consider how you will keep group members informed and how, as a group you will deal with any issues. Some suggested ways are as follows -

  • arranging a public meeting in a suitable public building
  • sending out regular emails
  • writing and producing newsletters and distributing these to your members
  • using social media, such as a Facebook page, to share information and reach out to other people in your area
  • passing on key information through word of mouth to your neighbours

You can apply to register with the neighbourhood network. Alternatively you can request a hard copy of the form by calling 01482 826 061 (local support)

Once you have decided on how you would like to run your neighbourhood watch group, get in touch with the charity. They will introduce you to your local policing team and supply contact details for your area council team. Then you can contact them directly with any issues which arise in your neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood network can offer advice. They also help with the supply of neighbourhood watch signs and stickers. The neighbourhood network can introduce you to representatives from other local organisations. They can help strengthen your group and help you make a difference in your community.

You may also register your scheme with our watch (national support).

This is to enable others who may search for a neighbourhood watch to get in touch with you. Register with National Neighbourhood Watch Network. You are then covered by their liability insurance.

What is the Neighbourhood Network

The neighbourhood network is a local charity (1171873) made up of Hull based neighbourhood groups. However big or small, they are interested in community safety.

The network works together with community safety partners and groups to reduce crime. This develops a good community spirit. The network creates a safer environment where people are neighbourly and look out for each other.

Once your group is registered, the team will contact you to discuss support available to your group. You will receive a weekly newsletter and be part of this unique local network of likeminded groups.

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