A petition is a formally written request. It is signed by at least 50 local people, and sent to us requesting action to be taken about a local government issue.

The petitions scheme document tells you -

  • what you need to include
  • the qualifying criteria
  • the circumstances of exclusion

To be eligible to submit a petition you need to live, work or study within the Hull city boundary.

We do not accept petitions -

  • for planning
  • about licensing
  • where an individual or organisation has an established option to a review or appeal
  • when there is a better process for deciding the issue
  • for obvious individual’s or groups’ personal, contractual or commercial interests

Petition documents, and guidance are available to be downloaded.

How to submit a petition

You can submit a petition in a number of ways -

  • Post -
    Freepost RSJC-KKBE-ABXZ
    Customer Feedback Team
    Hull City Council
    PO Box 15
    HU1 2AB

A Petitions background information form has to be completed for all petitions except for those that have been submitted using the Council’s online facility. We have created a pro forma petition document. This is to help make sure you include all the correct information.

You are sent an acknowledgement within 10 working days of us receiving your paper petition. This tells you what we plan to do with the petition and when you can expect to hear from us again.

Valid signatures

For your petition signatures to be valid, make sure the person who has signed your petition has given a full postal address including postcode that is within the Hull City boundary. This is where they live, work or study.

Alternatives to the petitions scheme

If you collect less than 50 valid signatures, we can help you to consider an alternative -

Starting an online petition

  • create your own online petition (opens in new window)
  • if this is your first time using the site, you need to register for a MyAccount. Select the register button and complete a few details about yourself. This will create a user account for you
  • follow the instructions on the site to set up and submit your petition

What happens next

When you have completed your online petition request, we will assess the information you have provided to ensure the subject matter can be accepted into our petition scheme.  If we need more information we will contact you.

If your petition is accepted into the scheme, we will inform you that your petition is open for signatures. Should we decide that your petition can’t be accepted, we will contact you and explain why. 

When your online petition reaches its closing date, we will let you know what steps the council can take. Our response depends on what your petition asks for. It also depends on how many valid signatures have been collected.

By using the online petitions facility, our response is posted on the petitions website.

Signing an open petition

Find the petition you wish to sign through the button below and press sign petition. The full details of the petition will be displayed. Complete all the required details. You must provide a Hull postal address and unique email address to sign an e-petition.

Once you have completed all the details you must verify your signature by entering a validation code that the system will send to your email address. Your signature will not be added to the petition until you have completed this step.

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