Immediate financial help


If you need immediate financial help, you may be entitled to emergency support from -

Short term advances

Governments Alternative Fuel Payment (AFP)

Eligible households are -

  • not connected to the main gas grid
  • using alternative fuels as their main form of heating

Payment details -

  • one-off £200
  • non-repayable

Apply for the Governments Alternative Fuel Payment (AFP).

Advance on your benefits

You can apply to take an advance on your benefits when –

  • you have made a new claim
  • encounter a period of financial need

A short term advance will be claimed back from your future benefits.

Budgeting loan

You could get a budgeting loan to help pay for essential things such as -

  • rent
  • furniture
  • clothes
  • hire purchase debts

Hardship payments

Hardship payments are reduced payments made to vulnerable people. They are for people who have not followed the normal qualifying rules of –

  • Jobseekers Allowance - income based
  • Universal Credit

Hardship payments are administered by the DWP.