Rent arrears advice

Refund of overpaid rent for council tenants.

If you have overpaid your council housing rent and have a credit on your rent statement, you can request that this is refunded to you by cheque.

Before we can provide the refund by cheque, your Tenancy Officer will need to carry out various checks including any pending benefits adjustments.

We will not issue cheques for refunds under £10. You should receive a refund within 7 to 10 days.

If your enquiry is relating to any of the below, complete the online form below to send this to your relevant housing office. They will look into your query and contact you to discuss -

  • receiving a Notice of Possession
  • a court hearing date
  • struggling to pay their rent/ wanting to make arrangements
  • how much rent you owe
  • refund of overpaid rent
  • rent arrears

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