Climate Change Team and services

We have established a Climate Change Team with 4 officers. The team provides a strategic lead for the council and the city. This is to meet the outcomes of the Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy.

The climate change service provides strategic advice to our -

  • services
  • partners
  • businesses
  • stakeholders

to increase their understanding of -

  • climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • environmental and sustainable development benefits
  • opportunities resulting from service and business design
  • development and investment for decarbonisation and climate adaptation

We provide this service to -

  •  reduce negative environment impacts
  •  reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  •  address the significant challenge of climate change
  •  contribute to improving the lives of
    • residents
    • visitors
    • businesses

We are responsible for -

  • developing and monitoring the 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy
  • managing 'Investors in the Environment' our environmental management system
  • developing and reporting on our carbon reduction targets
  • developing and monitoring the Hull Climate Adaptation Strategy
  • undertaking and supporting climate adaptation risk assessments and plans

We provide advice to organisations and businesses in Hull. We support -

  • reducing their environmental impact
  • reducing their greenhouse gas emissions
  • increasing the resilience of their business to extreme weather events and climate change

We support the work of the city in transitioning to a low carbon future. We want to make sure that the right infrastructure is developed for the city. We want residents to have the skills and training needed for the new and emerging low carbon economy.

Our Climate Emergency Declaration.

To contact the team, email -