Graffiti on public land

You can request us to remove graffiti from the following surfaces using the following online for -

  • council buildings
  • parks and open spaces
  • street furniture for example -
    • street lights
    • bollards
    • beacons
    • signs
    • monuments
    • benches
    • street litter bins
  • private residential property (a fee is applicable, and a disclaimer must be signed prior to removal)
  • public highway (this includes footpaths)

If you have requested graffiti to be removed we will contact and update you of the actions taken and we will prioritise the removal of offensive graffiti if reported.

Request graffiti to be removed

Graffiti is a crime.

Graffiti can take the form of -

  • words
  • scribbles
  • patterns or images and can be written
  • painted
  • sprayed or scratched on the surface of any property.

If placed on the surfaces of any property without consent of its owner and this causes it to be damaged or destroyed, this may be classed as criminal damage. 

If graffiti causes damage of this nature it is not only a criminal offence. It can also cause concern to the community where this is taking place. It can contribute to higher perceptions of anti-social behaviour, crime and place cost implications on the owner of the private property to remove.

How to report someone responsible for graffiti

You can report someone if you have witnessed placing graffiti on any property using our online form below -

Report a person responsible for graffiti

Once you have reported someone responsible for graffiti, we will respond and update you on the progress taken.

We investigate any complaints of graffiti and take enforcement action, so long as there is enough evidence to prove an offence has taken place, and identify and locate the person responsible.