Adapted home applications

Some of the homes that become available for renting are adapted. Adaptations might include –

  • wet area showers
  • stairlifts
  • through floor lifts
  • ramps

When an adapted property becomes available, we offer it to someone from our adapted housing list. They will need that type of property and the adaptations it has. You need to be registered on our general housing list before we can add you to our adapted housing list. You must also have had an assessment by an occupational therapist. They need to have determined that you need an adapted property.

Arranging an assessment by an occupational therapist

If you state in your housing application form that you need adapted housing, we make a referral for an occupational therapy assessment. We do this on your behalf. You can also request an occupational therapy assessment (opens in new window).

If you do not live in Hull, contact your local occupational therapy team for an assessment. Send us their report to when you have it.

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