Our properties and what's available

Our stock and turnover

The tables below show how many of each property type Hull City Council has in each area of Hull. They also show how many have become available in the last 12 months up to 31 October 2023.

Available properties

Our available properties are advertised from Thursday to Monday most weeks. To view the properties you must register for myHousing and you can then see these within the app.

Made an offer of a council property

Demand is very high for our properties. Usually only those in the highest housing need will be offered a council home. Unfortunately, most people who register onto our housing list will not be offered a council home.

We prioritise applicants by housing need and not the length of time you have been registered on the housing list. We also prioritise people with a local connection to Hull over those without. Our Allocations Policy explains how we prioritise applicants.

You can use the information in the tables to see the property types we have in our stock. They also show how many become available in a year.

You can use the lettings feedback to see what priority previous successful applicants had. This can give you an idea of whether you are likely to be successful with your priority.

If a property is adapted or subject to a local lettings policy, it may show that someone with a lower priority has been successful for it.

You should only bid for property types you are eligible for. Each advert tells you who can bid and there is some basic information at the link below

Find out which property types you are eligible for.