Registered housing providers

Registered Housing Providers

Registered housing providers are also known as Registered Social Landlords or Housing Associations. They provide affordable homes for people in housing need. Most are not for profit, and they vary in size. From small, local organisations with a small number of properties to national ones with more than 50,000 homes. Most of these homes are rented at affordable rates but some are sold through low-cost home ownership schemes.

Some registered providers provide general needs accommodation and some offer support for people with a range of needs, including -

  • older people
  • people with disabilities and learning disabilities
  • people who have been homeless


Many registered providers request nominations from us for some of their available properties. This is where we ‘nominate’ a customer, or customers, to them from our housing list for one of their available properties. We usually advertise these properties, but we may nominate without doing this where -

  • there is a very urgent need or
  • the registered provider has not asked us to advertise the property

To be able to bid for advertised nominations or be considered for nomination, you need to be registered on our housing list.