How to report a problem

If you have a complaint regarding tree root related subsidence damage from street trees or any other council owned trees, contact us by -

We will ask you for as much information as possible -

  • a location including -
    • a street name 
    • a house number 
    • a shop name
    • a nearby lamp post number
  • the date the damage started or was first noticed
  • a description of the damage, preferably with photographs
  • copies of all relevant reports and monitoring data

The location will then be inspected and where repairs are necessary the tree or hedge will be cut back.

If the building is insured, we advise you to contact the insurance company to discuss the damage. If appropriate they will arrange for a professional to carry out further investigations.

If a tree or hedge is obscuring a road traffic sign, let us know immediately by calling 01482 300 300.

Claims of damage caused by a tree

If you believe your property has subsidence damage due to the trees owned or managed by us, or you are concerned about potential damage, contact your property insurer or Neighbourhood Housing. You can then discuss your concerns and agree an action. If you need to make a claim for damages against the council, alleging that a tree owned or managed by us is causing subsidence damage, submit an independent report to the council insurance department.

Urban Forestry will not enter any dialogue with a claimant. They will only take direction from our own insurance section.

Vandalism to trees

We will investigate reports of vandalism and use enforcement to prosecute. Vandalism includes damage to newly planted trees. Any unauthorised pruning, felling or similar work to mature trees is also vandalism.

If you see someone who may be removing trees without consent, report this to us on -

Wildlife and insects in trees

We will not prune or fell any tree owned or managed us to remove or reduce incidence of bees, wasps. We will not prune or fell a tree for other insects or wild animals either.

Bees are protected species and advice should be taken before considering their removal.

You may be able to dispose of individual wasps using an aerosol insect-repellent spray. This will not control or eliminate the nest itself. The whole nest should be destroyed. This can be achieved with great caution, but it is far safer to use pest control experts.