Household waste recycling centres

We have 3 household waste and recycling centres located across the city. All our centres are designed to maximise recycling.

Residents' pass scheme

To use the sites, you need to display a pass in the window of your car to prove you are a Hull resident. If you have not –

  • received your pass
  • lost your pass
  • forget it

You can still gain access to the sites by showing one of the following as proof of your address in Hull -

  • recent utility bill such as -
    • gas
    • electric
    • Council Tax
  • driving licence

If you wish to use a commercial vehicle you will require a permit. You can find out more information about resident or commercial vehicle permits.

Important changes - Sort it before you bring it

Residents are asked to sort all bags of mixed waste before arriving at the site to help us recycle even more waste.

We carried out an exercise where we split residents' bags over a number of days. We found that two thirds of the contents of bagged waste contained items we can easily recycle. This includes -

  • textiles
  • glass bottles
  • cans
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • plastics
  • electrical goods

All of these can be individually recycled at the household waste recycling centres. They were being missed because the bags ended up in general waste.

Pre-sorting your bags will help to drive up recycling rates even further.

Mixed bags

There is now a dedicated sorting area on each site for the material brought in mixed bags. The site attendants will help you to sort your waste to maximise recycling.

Use of the sites

Recycling centres are not for the use of -

  • business
  • trade
  • commercial

residents. Arrangements for trade or business collections should be made either by our trade waste officers or by private contractors.

You may be entitled to a free bulky item collection service.