Any resident of Hull can apply for an allotment. The person signing the tenancy agreement must be over 18 and also be a resident of Hull.

Apply online 

Use the 'Manage your allotment' online form below to -

  • join the waiting list to apply for an allotment
  • transfer your allotment
  • add a co-worker to your allotment
  • terminate your allotment
  • apply for a rent reduction. You will be asked to provide supporting evidence
  • other - any other allotment queries

Manage your allotment (opens in a new window)

Apply for an allotment

After submitting a request to apply for an allotment, you will only receive contact from the Allotment Office when your application has progressed to the top of the list and a plot has become available.

All other requests

All other requests will be handled by the Allotment Office at the earliest opportunity.


An image showing a Trowell surrounded by potatoes and carrots

Costs are payable in April each year. The charge for a plot, up to 1 April 2022, is £67.25.

We do offer concessions, which will require proof of entitlement. The current concessionary charge is £52.50.

A refundable deposit of £20 is payable for a key to access the site.

Complete the form below to apply for an allotment.

New Tenants

When plots become available, a site plan and application form will be sent out to you in the post. You will be asked to visit the plot, complete and return your application to the team.

2 tenancy agreements will then be sent to you. There is one for you to keep and the second one to be signed and returned to the Allotment Team.

No rental is required at this time. An appropriate bill will be sent out within 3 weeks from signing the tenancy agreement.

Deposits are refundable when the keys are returned. This is unless outstanding rent is due on an allotment. Faulty or damaged keys are exchanged free of charge. Lost keys are subject to an extra deposit.

Applying for a concession

Concessions must be applied for annually between 1 January and 31 March.

Concessions are available if you are -

  • a senior citizen aged 60 and over
  • a student
  • registered disabled
  • unemployed or in receipt of benefit, including housing benefit

Senior citizens who already have an allotment are automatically registered for their concession. Letters and applications are sent to remind the allotment holder of this process.

If you are applying for an allotment and you would like to apply for a concession, you need to provide recent proof of entitlement. Acceptable proofs include -

  • bus pass
  • Blue Badge
  • valid NUS student card
  • benefit award letter

Community Allotments

If you are interested in growing your own fruit or vegetables but don't want to manage an allotment on your own, why not get involved in a community allotment.

With Environmental and Management Solutions Ltd (EMS) we work with landowners and the community to identify unused pieces of land and turn them into a green space.

The allotments involve all local people, such as -

  • families
  • community groups
  • gardeners
  • old and young

to help -

  • develop their own grow your own projects
  • learn how to grow their own food
  • enjoy the land 

For more information about community allotments -