My Council Housing Rent Account

myHousing app now available'My housing online' has been replaced with the myHousing app. You will need to re-register to use the new app and link to your old account. You can find more information on our myHousing app page.

If you rent –

  • a house
  • garage
  • lifeline

from us, you can use the myHousing app to -

  • access rent account details
  • including balances and payments
  • make payments
  • review and update your contact details

Access Council Housing Rent Accounts (opens in a new window)

To be able to use the myHousing app you will need to register.

You will need -

  • application bidding reference or payment reference. You will only need one not both
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • full name
  • mobile number

Register for the myHousing app (opens in a new window)

To register you will need to -

  • access the myHousing web portal (opens in a new window)
  • select the register button at the bottom of the page
  • enter your name, email and password. Your password must contain 10 characters. These include both lower and upper case, a number, and a special character
  • open your emails to verify your email address
  • select the link on the email to verify your details
  • you will enter your title, name and phone number
  • you will then receive a 4-digit text message which you need to type into your phone
  • your phone number is now verified, providing extra security
  • you will connect your account using your payment reference or application reference
  • if you are a Homesearch customer, you need to provide your application bidding reference. Select 'application reference' as the reference type. If you are a tenant, you will need to use your payment reference. Select ‘payment reference’ as the reference type
  • enter you date of birth and complete your registration

You will now be registered.