We can use a variety of enforcement methods to help reduce antisocial behaviour.


A warning is used as an early intervention to set out clear standards of behaviour. It lets the individual know that we are monitoring their behaviour. It also lets them know what further action can take place if their behaviour continues.

Acceptable behaviour contracts (ABCs)

An ABC is a written contract made between an individual, us and Humberside Police. The ABC sets out clear boundaries to help change the behaviour of individuals.

Parenting contracts

A parenting contract can set out what parents and local agencies. This aims to improve the behaviour of a child or children. An example of a local agency is the Youth Justice Service. The contract is a voluntary agreement made between the parents and local agencies. The contracts can be used alongside other enforcements.

Parenting orders

Parenting orders are made in a -

  • criminal court
  • family court
  • magistrates’ court

when there has been a problem with an under 16-year-old’s behaviour. An order can be made when a youth offender panel refers a parent back to court for failing to attend panel meetings.

These orders place requirements on the parent or guardian and can include -

  • attending a guidance or counselling programme
  • making sure their child attends school

If the parent or guardian does not follow the order, the court can impose a fine up to £1000. Or they can impose any sentence available for a non-imprisonable offence.

Antisocial behaviour policies and procedures

We must publish a statement and summary of policy and procedures for dealing with antisocial behaviour. This is our responsibility as a landlord in the city.

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