A range of injunctions are available for anyone aged 10 and over, and can be made within hours of a complaint. An injunction prohibits the offender from engaging in conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance. It can stop them from entering specific premises or areas.

An injunction can also be made for a breach of tenancy agreement.

Public spaces protection orders

This is an order that identifies the public place. It stops certain activities taking place in the area by an offender. The drinking of alcohol is an example. These orders last for 3 years. We can issue an order if we are satisfied that activities in a certain area are having a negative effect on the residents' quality of life.

Community protection notices (CPN)

We may issue a CPN to an offender. This is to deal with particular, ongoing problems or nuisances which negatively affect a community’s quality of life. A notice needs an individual, business or organisation to stop doing certain things. A breach of a CPN can result in a fixed penalty notice or prosecution in court.

Tenancy enforcement

If there is evidence that a tenant has breached terms of their tenancy agreement, we can take formal action to tackle the issues.

A tenancy can be demoted which means the removal of the tenant's right to buy and security of their tenancy.

In serious cases we can apply to regain possession of a property. This is where there is antisocial behaviour associated with it. This means that a tenant could lose their tenancy and be evicted from their property.

Closure orders

We have the power to close premises for a period of up to 3 months. This happens when they are being used or are likely to be used to commit serious nuisance or disorder. During this period, it is a criminal offence to remain in or enter the property.