Community trigger

If you have already reported antisocial behaviour (ASB) and the problem has not been resolved, you can use the community trigger to ask for a review of your case.

Community trigger is a way that you can ask us to review responses to complaints of ASB. We make sure that we work together with partners, sharing information to try to resolve your ASB complaint.

This does not replace the complaints procedure and you can still make a complaint about the service you have been given via that procedure. 

How to use the community trigger

You can request the trigger if -

  • you (as an individual) have complained to us, Humberside Police or your registered social landlord 3 times about separate ASB incidents in the last 6-months and you feel you have not had an adequate response 
  • 5 individuals have complained about the same issue, and they feel that they have not had an adequate response

You can request a community trigger review of your case by completing the form below -

Community Trigger

Send a letter -

Hull Community Safety Partnership
Hull City Council
33 Witham

Telephone - 01482 300 300