Bus lane penalty appeals

What happens next

If your appeal is rejected, you can pay your bus lane penalty charge immediately. If you made your appeal during the discounted period you have 14-days to pay your bus lane penalty charge at the discounted rate.

Failure to pay

Fee stage before

30 May 2022

Fee stage 31 May 2022 onwards Action Fixed fees accumulated before 30 May 2022 Fixed fees accumulated 31 May 2022 onwards
Up to 14 days Up to 21 days You can appeal or pay the fine at the 50 per cent reduced rate. £30 £35.00
14 to 28 days 21 to 28 days You can appeal or pay at the full rate. £60 £70
28 to 42 days 28 to 42 days You are no longer able to appeal. A charge certificate is sent to the vehicle owner, and they have 14-days to pay. You are charged an additional fee of £30. £90 £105.00


I have had my informal appeal rejected

We will send you a notice to owner 28-days after the issue of the penalty charge notice.

You can then make a formal appeal. The notice to owner will tell you how and on what grounds. This allows for any reason you think is valid.

If we accept your appeal, the case will be closed. We will confirm this in writing.

If we do not accept your appeal, we will issue you a notice of rejection. This will tell you that you must either pay within 28-days or appeal to The Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal is the final arbiter.

We will send you the forms for you to lodge an appeal at the traffic penalty tribunal with the notice of rejection. You cannot go to the traffic penalty tribunal without having had a notice of rejection.