Bus lane penalty appeals

I have lost my penalty charge notice or not received one

Before receipt of notice to owner

If you have lost or misplaced your penalty charge notice, write to the CPE Team. Explain your situation and quote your PCN number if it is available. If the PCN number is not available, then give as much information as possible to help to trace your case. 

You will need to include – 

  • vehicle registration number
  • date ticket was issued
  • time ticket was issued
  • location where the vehicle was parked

The civil parking enforcement team will put the PCN on hold whilst they consider your circumstances. They will normally write to you within 14-working days.

We can, if circumstances permit, offer you another discount period. This will be explained in their letter.

After receipt of notice to owner

If you have received a notice to owner but have no knowledge of a penalty charge notice, complete the notice to owner. State that you were not aware.

If you believe the penalty charge notice was issued incorrectly you should also use the opportunity to appeal.

If you have received a charge certificate, then it is normally too late for you to challenge the penalty charge notice. This is explained in detail on the charge certificate.