Love your street

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Love Your Street is a campaign getting local people involved and to take pride in their neighbourhood.

It costs us over £250,000 per year to clear away fly-tipping. Spending to keep areas clean is also growing due to excess litter and rubbish left in areas.

To help us make a positive change in an area, we want to work together with local people to show our streets some love. We want to encourage everyone to sign up to the Love Your Street Pledge.

The Love Your Street Pledge

I will -

  • recycle my rubbish
  • put litter in litter bins or take it home
  • dispose of any cigarette ends in bins
  • contact us to get rid of any large, bulky items
  • use the household waste recycling sites to dispose of my household rubbish
  • not place any rubbish within passageways
  • only leave my wheelie bin out during bin collection days
  • report any fly-tipping