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The aim of this service is to make our communities sparkle. An intensive environmental improvement programme will bring a range of services that include, but are not limited to -

  • litter picking
  • graffiti removal
  • verge edging
  • shrub maintenance
  • fly-tip removals

The Love Your Neighbourhood teams work alongside the Love Your Street team. They want to help you get involved in your community, to make a visible difference to where you live.

To nominate streets that you feel need an intensive clean-up, email

New citywide tidy up programme

The programme is designed to tackle one small area at a time.

The team will tidy each area over a 2-week period. After this, residents should see a noticeable difference to the look and feel of their neighbourhood.

Areas will be announced every 2 weeks. To keep up to date on where the team is going next, visit Love Your Neighbourhood | Hull CC News and follow us on -

Current area is the Kingswood ward

As part of the citywide Love Your Neighbourhood project, Hull’s Kingswood ward will undergo a comprehensive tidy-up from Monday 8 July to Friday 19 July, leaving streets transformed and residents with a renewed sense of pride in their community.

Over the 2-week period, the team will carry out a range of clean-up tasks, including -

  • verge cutting
  • grounds maintenance
  • street cleaning works

The streets that will be included are -

  • Bowmont Way
  • Blackhall Close
  • Charnwood Close
  • Blackwater Way