Orchard Park regeneration

Orchard Park has been a key focus area for housing regeneration. It is identified in Hull’s Local Plan as a priority area.

To date -

  • 7 blocks of council high-rise flats have been demolished
  • 1,200 homes have had external solid wall insulation
  • nearly 300 new homes have been built

Housing improvements

The Axdane houses are of a different construction, called 5Ms, to the other homes. External Solid Wall Insulation or Cladding has been applied to these homes.

The Shaws are traditional brick-built homes. They have cavity wall insulation rather than cladding.

New council homes


The council’s Housing Growth plans to deliver more new homes for council rent. We are planning to build new high-quality homes at Danepark Road. This is as part of the ongoing regeneration of Orchard Park. Dane Park will be amongst the biggest development in Hull in recent times. It will have homes solely for rent from the council.

Planning has been approved to build 99 new homes for rent from the council. They are on the site of the former Dane Park School. 34 new homes have also been approved at Isledane. Proposals include -

  • a mix of one, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom properties to meet local housing needs from small to large families
  • extensive landscaping and new areas of public open space
  • energy efficient homes
  • dedicated areas of car parking
  • a safe, welcoming, and attractive environment

It is proposed that they will be built to high sustainability levels. This is for energy and environmental design. To achieve this, construction will be through an innovative 'fabric first approach'. It will have levels of insulation which exceed current industry standards.

This will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and create warmer homes. These are more economical to heat. Our mission is to become carbon neutral by 2030. We are exploring more sustainable building techniques to achieve this. We want to incorporate them into our housebuilding programme.

With 95% of the city being at risk from flooding, a key feature of the Dane Park development is flood alleviation. Working closely with Yorkshire Water, we are installing sustainable urban development systems. These are known as SuDS. They incorporate natural filter strips in the highway. They also have areas of permeable highways to improve drainage.

Accessibility is an important feature in the new homes’ design. Approximately half the homes will exceed current UK standards. There will be doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and features such as lever handles on doors. All will help people to live independently for longer. They reduce the need for adaptations in the future.

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