Repairs and appointments


myHousing app now available

My Housing Online is now closed. It has been replaced with the myHousing app. You must re-register to use the app and link your old account to access the features. You can find more information on our myHousing app page.

If you are a council tenant or rent a council garage, you can register to the myHousing app to -

  • request non-urgent repairs
  • look up your repairs history
  • receive updates on existing repairs

You can read our guide on repairs and what to expect.

Use the button below to access repairs.

Access repairs

Be aware emergency repairs cannot be reported online. See the list below for examples.

Reporting online

If you are reporting a repair that is needed in multiple locations, only book one repair appointment. Show the operative when they attend if there are other locations. Do not raise multiple repairs for the same trades person.

To register for the myHousing app you will need your -

  • application bidding reference or payment reference. You will only need one, not both
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • full name
  • mobile number

Register for myHousing app

On the registration page -

  • select register
  • enter your name, email and password. Your password must contain 10 characters including both lower and upper case, a number and a symbol
  • open your emails to verify your email address
  • select the link on the email to verify your details
  • you will enter your title, name and phone number
  • you will then receive a 4-digit text message which you need to type into your phone
  • your phone number is now verified, providing extra security
  • you will connect your account using your payment reference or application reference
  • if you are a Homesearch customer, you need to provide your application bidding reference. Select 'application reference' as the reference type. If you are a tenant, you will need to use your payment reference. Select ‘payment reference’ as the reference type
  • enter you date of birth and complete your registration

You will now be registered.

You can raise repairs, check your rent balance, make a payment, bid on a home and much more.

Repairs responsibility

The repairs service is provided by our partner organisation, Kingstown Works Limited (KWL), and a number of other specialist contractors. They do their best to complete all repairs on the first visit. This is not always possible, and a further visit or follow-up work may be needed. If the work cannot be completed in one visit, the contractor will explain what needs to be done next. They will make arrangements with you for further visits.

If a repair is found to be needed because of negligence, intentional damage, or misuse, you may be charged for the repair.

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is something that needs fixing urgently because there is immediate danger to either the occupants or public. These can only be reported by telephoning 01482 300 300. You will be asked some additional questions to confirm that the repair is an emergency and whether it is safe for us to attend. To carry out emergency repairs our contractors will observe safe working practices whilst in your home.

See list below for examples -

  • locked out of property
  • no heating or hot water during extreme weather
  • total loss of power, water or gas to the property
  • damaged door or window has left your home insecure
  • severe leaks or burst pipes
  • a leak that is affecting the electrics or unsafe electrics

If you misreport a problem to get a quicker response, it stops us from responding quickly to real emergencies. If we find that you have misreported your repair or your circumstances, we may charge you for the cost of the emergency call-out.

Void or empty housing properties

You can report a problem with an empty or void council property. This could be a -

  • repair
  • attempted break in
  • vandalism

Use the form below to give details of the address this relates to, and as many details as possible regarding the issue.

 Report Void and Empty property issues (opens in a new window)

Unable to evacuate the building without using the lift

If you are unable to evacuate the building without assistance and would like to arrange a personal emergency evacuation plan, you can complete the form below. You will be contacted by your Housing Office to discuss this.

Fire Safety In Flats (opens in a new window)