Bus lanes

Bus lane enforcement

Bus lane enforcement ensures the free flow of traffic across the city and is mainly used in areas where there is a traffic congestion issue or a problem with bus lane abuse. Both the police and the council have responsibility for enforcing the correct use of bus lanes in Hull.

Since June 2015 we have installed 14 automatic number plate recognition fixed cameras in a number of bus lanes across the city. If incorrect use of a bus lane is detected we will review the video of the incident to check for mitigating circumstances and assess if it is appropriate to issue a penalty charge notice. All bus lane penalty charge notices are sent to your DVLA registered address by first class post.

These cameras are in addition to the enforcement work already carried out by the police. In the event that both the police and the council take action against you for the same vehicle for the same set of circumstances the council cease proceedings, so the police can continue their enforcement. You should notify the council of police action by completing the form sent to you with your penalty charge notice.

The legal authority to control bus lanes within Hull is contained within a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).