Setting up a new food business

COVID - 19 service update

The government has ordered a number of businesses to close, and not to open for trade.

Affected businesses can be found on GOV.UK website

If any member of the public has concerns about a businesses which operating which shouldn’t be, or a business which isn’t following government advice for exclusion they should contact the Council using the following email address foodandhealth&

Businesses who are registered as food operators are permitted to stay open and offer food to be collected or for delivery if they are already operating as a restaurant or cafe. 

Access further information on guidance for food businesses from GOV.UK

Advice about how they can do that safely can be found below -

If you are setting up a new food business in Hull, you will need to 

  • register your business
  • apply for appropriate licences (if applicable)
  • have written procedures in place to manage food safely
  • have certain facilities on site

We can visit you if you are thinking of starting a food business to give you guidance about safe food hygiene practices and structural requirements for your premises.

Registering a food business

You must register your food premises with us at least 28 days before opening. If you have more than one premises you will need to register all of them. Registration allows us to keep an up to date list of all those premises in our area so we can inspect them when we need to.

Find out more about registering your food business

Apply for licences

You will need to apply for an appropriate licence if you

  • sell hot food or hot drinks after 11pm
  • sell alcohol or
  • provide entertainment,

It is an offence to undertake such activities without a licence under The Licensing Act 2003.

Find out more about the Licensing Act 2003

Food safety and hygiene procedures

If you have a food business, you must have procedures in place to manage food safely, and have certain facilities on your site.

What facilities your food business must have

Your food business must have the following facilities on site

  • at least two hand washbasins - one in a food preparations area and one in a staff toilet area
  • adequate workspace
  • facilities to clean food equipment and hands (for example, it should have one sink for food wash and one for equipment wash)
  • adequate storage space, especially refrigeration. It is a good idea to have separate fridges for raw and ready-to-eat foods
  • waste disposal arrangements
  • staff facilities
  • adequate ventilation - natural and/or mechanical
  • drainage facilities
  • where tables and seating are provided toilets for the public must be available,

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