Third parties and appointees


Sharing information with your private landlord or their agent could help us to deal with you Housing Benefit application quicker.

The law requires that we let your landlord know or their agent of certain decisions we make about your Housing Benefit. An example can be when a decision is made to pay your Housing Benefit directly to them. Under Data Protection Legislation, we need your permission to discuss anything else.

If you give us permission, we can tell your landlord if -

  • you have applied or are receiving a Housing Benefit
  • we have made a decision
  • more information is needed to make a decision and what that information might be

We do not give your landlord any information about your -

  • personal or household circumstances
  • financial circumstances

You can complete and return the form below to give us your permission to share information with your landlord.

You can withdraw your third-party permission at any time by contacting us.