Register a birth

Birth certificates

You will be able to purchase a birth certificate at your appointment. Alternatively, you can order a certificate online after you have attended your appointment or after completing a declaration in another registration district.

Please do not order a certificate before you have registered the birth. Birth Certificates cost £11 each.

A full birth certificate can be required for ID purposes when -

  • obtaining a passport
  • opening a bank account
  • for nursery
  • school and other applications

Use the form below to request a birth certificate for a birth registered in the last month. Certificates ordered will be posted to you at the earliest opportunity or when available can be collected from The Wilson Centre. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a keepsake folder, purchasing a folder will also prevent the certificate from being folded to fit into an envelope for posting.

Do not use this form if requesting a certificate for a birth that was not registered in the last month. For a copy of an older record use our standard copy certificate service.

Request a Birth Certificate

If you have registered the birth of your baby and now wish change the record to add details of the natural father or if you were unmarried when your child was born and wish the record to be changed to show you are now married it possible to re-register the birth.