Fly-tipping is a crime

Fly tipping can make an area look -

  • ugly
  • uncared for
  • pose a risk to health and the local environment

We treat fly-tipping very seriously.

Instances of fly-tipping are always investigated where evidence is found to help identify and locate those responsible for this activity and enforcement action taken.

To tackle fly-tipping, we may use CCTV in locations to identify offenders. Decisions regarding the deployment of mobile CCTV is taken in response to service requests and operational data, not individual requests. If we obtain evidence, we will seek to identify and locate those responsible for this activity and take enforcement action.

If you pay someone to remove your waste and it is found fly-tipped you can be fined and get a criminal record.

If you pay someone to remove your waste, you must always ensure they are authorised by the Environment Agency to do so. If they are not authorised, they are an illegal waste carrier.

To find out further information or view statistics regarding fly-tipping in Hull and elsewhere within the UK for the following data - 

  • number of cases
  • costs 
  • enforcement actions

Report fly-tipping

If you see someone fly-tipping, or find fly-tipped waste you can report this using the form below.

Any information we ask you to provide on this form, will be used to help us to remove and identify those responsible.

If you have -

  • photos
  • dashcam
  • mobile video
  • CCTV footage

Regarding what you are reporting to us, please keep this safe as you will be asked to provide this once you have completed this form.

To help us collect waste from community litter picks. Please use the Love Your Street form to report green or black #lovehullhatelitter bags.

Please do not report these type of bags as fly-tipping.

Report fly-tipping or dumped rubbish

Please do not touch any of the waste as this may contain -

  • syringes
  • chemicals
  • other hazardous substances
  • evidence

We will remove fly-tipped waste from -

  • adopted alleyways
  • public roads
  • pavements, which this includes grass verges
  • public open spaces - for example 
    • parks
    • cemeteries
  • other council land

Our response to fly-tipping

Our crews work Monday to Friday clearing fly-tipping reported to us, and we will clear it away within 5 working days. Reports of fly-tipping reported outside these times will be processed the next working day.