Sale or repair of vehicles on the highway

Repair of vehicles on the highway

Restricted work must not be carried out on any vehicle on the Highway. This is by any business or person for financial gain or reward. Restricted work includes but is not limited to -

  • repairing
  • maintenance
  • servicing
  • improvement
  • dismantling

of vehicles. If repairs to a vehicle are necessary following any accident or breakdown, they should be done within 72 hours. Any litter and waste should be removed and disposed. This is in accordance with the law.

If works are unable to be completed within this period, the vehicle should be removed from the highway. Or arrangements should be made with a recovery agent if unable to be driven safely. The vehicle should be moved so that it is on private land.

This is not aimed at individuals carrying out restricted works on vehicles. If this takes place, though, and it is found to give reasonable cause of annoyance to persons within the vicinity, enforcement action may be taken.