Disability registration

If you are an adult and have a disability, you can register with us as a disabled person. You do not have to register, but it may help in getting concessions. This includes things such as reduced fares for public transport.

If you wish to be registered disabled, you need written medical proof from a qualified health professional. Once you have the written medical proof you can provide this by -

  • attending the Wilberforce Centre. No appointment is necessary to attend the Wilberforce Centre Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. A member of the See and Solve team can meet with you here and discuss your registration. Or you can leave your contact details and proof of disability at the Wilberforce Centre. Your application will be processed. For any registration to be processed, we need a copy of any medical letter which is confirming disability
  • send your letters to See&Solve@hullcc.gov.uk. Ensure you mark the subject line as disability registration
  • post your letters to -

See and Solve Team
Wilberforce Health Centre
2nd Floor
6-10 Story Street

Once an application has been received, a Social Worker will assess your application. They will confirm whether an application has been accepted. You will then be informed of the decision within 10 working days.

Be aware that a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is not accepted as proof of disability.