Disability registration

How to register as disabled

Sight loss

Contact your GP so they can refer you to a consultant eye specialist. They will assess whether you qualify to register as blind or partially sighted.

If you qualify, the eye specialist will complete a certificate of vision impairment. Send it to us, where this will then be processed.

Physical or learning disability

Visit the Wilberforce Health Centre. The necessary steps will be taken by a member of staff.

Hearing loss

To be registered for your hearing loss you have to have had an audiogram or have total or profound hearing loss. The citywide sensory team request the outcome of your audiogram to confirm whether you are eligible for registration.

Physical, limbless or learning disability

To proceed with any disability registration, you need to bring with you written medical proof. It needs to state the nature of the disability.

Children disability team

If you are wanting to register a child under the age of 18 as disabled, email the children's disability team directly -