Community Crisis Payment

Applications for assistance connected to the Household Support Fund can be made via the councils existing Community Crisis Payments and Community Support Grants details of which can be found below.

CCPs are intended for applicants who are unable to meet their immediate short term needs either in a crisis in relation to some expenses or as a consequence of a disaster.

Expenses that can be considered whether the need arises from a crisis, or a disaster are -

  • daily living expenses such as
    • food
    • toiletries
    • fuel
  • meeting the cost of repaying emergency credit on a gas or electric prepayment meter, so the supply of fuel can be maintained or restored
  • emergency travel expenses where the applicant is stranded away from home in a disaster

Community Crisis Payments can no longer be awarded for emergency accommodation.

Rules and exclusions apply. For further details regarding these, please call us on 01482 300 303.