Empty Properties in the Private Sector

If you are aware of an empty property, you can report it to us.

We investigate empty properties to ensure that any nuisance they are causing is dealt with. This may involve -

  • boarding up properties
  • clearing away rubbish
  • stopping water leaks

After dealing with any urgent issues, we contact the owner to encourage them to either sell the property or renovate it and rent it out.

If a property has been empty for over 6 months and is in need of repair we may be able to buy the property or provide help and advice for property owners on bringing their property back into use. We will contact owners of properties empty for over 6 months to record what action is being taken to bring the property back into use.

We also have powers to take control of empty properties and let them to tenants. We can also consider demolishing empty properties as part of a wider regeneration strategy or if individual properties are causing a nuisance and cannot be renovated at reasonable cost.

We have supported community partner bids as well as submitting our own bids for funding from a variety of sources including -

  • our own
  • the Homes and Communities Agency
  • the Clusters of Empty Homes fund
  • the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership

Find out more about open trespass.

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Leasing or renting your property to the council

Although we have the powers to take control of empty properties this is a last resort. We do not generally rent properties from private owners as we have nearly 25,000 council homes.

You can also find out more information about the Private Sector Access Team.

Some services may need a property that cannot be found in the available council stock. The Refugee Service work with landlords to enable them to offer tenancies to refugee families, who pay their rent to landlords via housing benefits or Universal Credit, usually with direct payment to landlords arranged.

Empty Home Queries

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