Neighbourhood Teams

What is Neighbourhood working                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Our aim is to revitalise neighbourhoods by working with you our local residents to tackle the issues that matter to you on your doorstep. We work to improve outcomes for local people on local issues, further enhancing the community leadership role of your local councillors.

What we do

We will work to address issues that impact on residents quality of life. Each ward has a named Neighbourhood Coordinator who will support local councillors in setting local priorities and delivering key projects to improve your local area, building pride within our communities.

One of our key aims is to identify all opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors to contribute to and benefit from the City Plan, in particular- 

  • making Hull a world class visitor destination, developing projects and promoting links with each areas heritage, culture and sports activities
  • prevention and early intervention by supporting residents to play a fuller and more rewarding role in their local community and the life of the city
  • tackling health inequalities, maximising opportunities for residents to participate in healthy living projects in their neighbourhoods

Details will vary between areas and these will be reflected in more detailed plans for each area, using customer insight and local knowledge to focus activity on community needs and aspirations.

Neighbourhood priorities

We engage with residents in many different ways to identify priorities and help deliver improvements. We use information from statistical data such as demographic information, area engagement events, customer feedback surveys, ward forums, service requests and intelligence from partners to identify the things that you want addressing across your area. Find out what your neighbourhood priorities are by accessing your neighbourhood page below.

We are made up of seven Neighbourhood teams -

Find out more about what your neighbourhood team do and how they can help you and your community by accessing the pages below.

Partnership working - 

We work with partners to identify priorities in order to improve your neighbourhood and your quality of life. 

Through working with our partners we can identify local priorities to make sure your needs as a resident are met. Our partners include -

How to get involved in your area -

You can get involved by making sure your Neighbourhood Team knows what issues matter to you and your neighbourhood by attending or contacting us through one of these methods -

Community Centres

Neighbourhood teams provide advice and support to Community Associations with the aim of ensuring centres benefit local communities. These community centres vary in size and in the facilities and services they offer. They are managed by local volunteers made up of local people from within the local community.

The activities they each offer reflect the needs and interests of local residents. Find out more about your local community centres by visiting your Neighbourhood Team pages above.

Ward Budgets -

We also manage ward budgets which are an annual citywide sum of money. You can apply for a ward budget to help with local projects for the benefit of your local community. 

Who can apply -

Ward budget applications for financial support can be made from internal council service areas and from external public, voluntary or community bodies and not for profit social enterprises provided they meet the relevant criteria.

Complete and return to your Neighbourhood team, address details can be found on your Neighbourhood team page above.