Highways Planned Maintenance Work

Proposed carriageway planned maintenance works

Please note that these schemes are indicative only and may be subject to change -

Area Ward

Scheme title

From - to
Park Marfleet Wingfield Road Staveley Road - Grange Road
East Longhill and Bilton Staveley Road Barham Road - Diadem Road
East Longhill and Bilton Greenwich Avenue Staveley Road - Barham Road
North Orchard Park Courtland Road Endyke Lane - Hall Road
Wyke Central Park Street Anlaby Road - Railway bridge
West Derringham Willerby Road inbound - Outside lane Hotham Road South - Derringham roundabout
Riverside Drypool Stoneferry - Mount Pleasant roundabout Roundabout
Riverside Newington and Gipsyville Hawthorne Avenue Railway line - Hessle Road
Riverside Newington and Gipsyville Wiltshire Road Hessle Road - Hessle Road
Riverside St. Andrews and Docklands Liverpool Street Hessle Road - Brighton Street roundabout
Riverside St. Andrews and Docklands Walker Street Firethorne Close - Rawlings Way
Riverside St. Andrews and Docklands Alfred Gelder Street Drypool Bridge - Lowgate
Riverside Drypool Foster Street Entrance to Ascourts Group compound
Northern Beverley and Newland Alexandra Road Beverley Road - Leonards Avenue
Wyke Central Fountain Road Approach to Wincolmlee and junction
Wyke Central Stanley Street Junction with Morton Street
Wyke Central Argyle Street Pelican (hospital) - Londesborough Street
West Pickering Anlaby Park Road South Bethune Avenue to Tilbury Road
West Pickering Boothferry Road outbound Cycle lane 5 ways - ER boundary
Park Marfleet Falklands Road Annandale Road - end
Park Holderness James Reckitt Avenue Gillshill roundabout - Malet Lambert School
Park Holderness Leads Road southbound Number 121 - 57
East Sutton Gillshill Road Cavendish Road - Tweendykes Road
Foredyke West Carr Ennerdale Road Junction of Riverview Gardens
Foredyke Kingswood Barnes Way Roundabout and duel carriageway section