Highways planned maintenance work

Footway programme 2024 to 2025

Area Ward Scheme title From - to
West Derringham Wold Road or County Road South Wold Road South side near County Road junction County Road wold - Willerby
West Derringham Priory Road west side Hotham Road South - Flaxton Road
West Derringham Harome Grove Ainthorpe Grove - end
West Derringham Manor Road 56 - 62
West Derringham County Road south 2 - 22
West Boothferry Boothferry Road north side Belgrave Drive - Newington Avenue
West Boothferry Newington Avenue Boothferry Road - end
West Pickering Vincent Close Benedict Road - end
West Pickering Datchet Garth Tilbury Road - end
West Pickering Sullivan Road north side Sibelius Road - Novello Garth
West Pickering Lulworth Avenue west side Taunton - Lymington Garth
West Pickering Summergroves West east side Kipling Walk - Fleming Walk
West Pickering Lymington Garth Lulworth Avenue - end
West Newington and Gypsyville River Grove Lakeside - Priory Grove
West Newington and Gypsyville Priory Grove east side Council Avenue - River Grove
East Drypool Lilac Avenue Elm Avenue - Laburnum Avenue
East Drypool Laburnum Avenue Various
North Orchard Park Endike Lane north side Courtland Road - Hall Road
North Orchard Park Oldfield Avenue Endike Lane - end
North Orchard Park 9th Avenue 7th Avenue - 11th Avenue
North Orchard Park 21st Avenue south side 23rd Avenue - Ellerburn Avenue between new drives
North Orchard Park Courtland Road north side Hall Road - police training centre entrance
North Orchard Park Downfield Avenue Internal footpath opposite Nairn Close
North Beverley and Newland De Grey Street North and south side Newland Avenue - Adelphi Club
North Beverley and Newland Brooklyn Street north side Beverley Road - end
North Beverley and Newland Thearne Close Alexandra Road - end, including west footpath to be done as HCT
North Beverley and Newland Sextant Road

1 - Marsden Landing and 35 - 47

North University Skidby Grove west side Quadrant - Inglemire Lane
North University Sylvia Close Inglemire Lane - end
East Ings Standidge Drive Full length
East Ings Brockley Close both sides Balham Avenue - end
East Ings Broadland Drive - Holderness Road link Broadland Drive - Holderness Road
East Ings Epping Close Full length
East Ings Maybury Road Harewood Avenue - Frances Bradey Way
East Ings Maybury Road Cromarty Close - Harewood Avenue
East Sutton Dalsetter Rise 13 - 59/61 Dressay Grove
East Sutton Amberley Close Side 19 - 57
East Sutton The Hawthorns Both sides
East Sutton Minster Close Full length
East Sutton Abbots Close Full length
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Nith Grove Odd side full length - even 10 - Shannon Road
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Winchester Close cul-de-sac Winchester Avenue - end
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Wenning Grove north Drive 2 - 24
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Wansbeck Road 74 - 96
East Southcoates Pembrook Grove 1 - 7
East Southcoates Pembrook Grove 8 - Downing Grove
East Southcoates Downing Grove east Preston Road - Pembrook Road
East Southcoates Exeter Grove 53 Exeter Grove - 64 Downing Grove
East Southcoates Watt Street 8 - 24
East Marfleet Retford Grove Annandale Road - end
East Marfleet Saltford Avenue Falkland Road - Bamford Avenue
East Marfleet Romford Grove Wexford Avenue - Bideford Grove
East Holderness Amsterdam Road Outside Walker Modular
North Bricknell Chanterlands Avenue south east side Bricknell Avenue - Allderidge Avenue
North Bricknell Harpings Road National Avenue - end
North Bricknell Bricknell Avenue Outside number 46
North Bricknell Barrington Avenue Kenilworth Avenue - Edith Cavell Court
North Bricknell Bishop Alcock Road Hotham Road North - Lythe Avenue
North Central Melwood Grove northern side Southcoates Lane - end
North Central Audley Street Stafford Street - end
North Central Fitzroy Street Beverley Road - end
North Avenues Chanterlands Avenue west side Lynton - Tennyson Avenue
North Avenues Hardwick Street Clumber - Thoresby Street
North West Carr Marsdale Phase 1
North West Carr Sheldon Close Phase 1 northern end
North West Carr Exton Close All Bodmin Road - end
North West Carr Coverdale Internal footpath 45 - 74
North West Carr Newtondale Phase 1
North West Carr Newtondale internal footpath 527 - 545
North North Carr Sedbury Close Wytherstone Close - 1
Various Various Slurry sealing programme