Highways Planned Maintenance Work

Restrictions on utility works following substantial road works or street works

It is a common belief that road works take place without any thought been given to reducing disruption to residents and road users. To address this, plans have been made to allow authorities to restrict works in all or part of a street by issuing a section 58 restriction. 

A Section 58 restriction is a restriction under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. It prevents utility companies from carrying out substantial work on a particular street for a pre-determined period or after large roadworks have been carried out by the Highway Authority.

Utility companies are notified at least 3 months in advance of the Highway Authority’s intention to carry out big roadworks on a Street. This is to allow them enough time to complete any necessary works before the Highway Authority’s works taking place. 

Works on a street with a section 58 restriction can only be undertaken with the Authority’s permission or in certain circumstances such as carrying out emergency work or installing new connections.

The list of Roads currently subject to a 'New Roads and Street Works Section 58 notice' is available online.