Highways Planned Maintenance Work

Footway programme 2023 - 2024

Area Ward Scheme Title From - To
Northern Beverley and Newland Hardy Street - Both sides Cottingham Road - Alexandra Road
East Ings Mortlake Close Opposite 12 - Parking area
East Ings Savoy Road - West side Ings Road - Top of underpass
East Sutton Antholme Close Both sides
East Sutton Ingleby Close Both sides
East Sutton Ings Road parking loop Number 396 - 444
Foredyke North Carr Saddleworth Close Junction Pennine Way - Side 105
Foredyke West Carr Borrowdale All Nidderdale - End
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Broad Oak 23 - Golden Grove
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Drayton Close Odd side - Full length
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Grenville Bay - West side Broad Oak - 21
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Mallard Close Full length
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Hermes Close - South west side Staveley Road - 187
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Hermes Close - East side 74 - Public garden area
Park Holderness Corona Drive - South west side Hathersage Road - Lancaster Drive - Even numbers
Park Holderness Burlington Road 35 - Lambwath Road and 36 - Lambwath Road
Park Holderness Hurley Close 1 - 13
Wyke Central Louis Street - Both sides Spring Bank - End
Wyke Central Wincolmlee - West side Freetown Way - Charterhouse Lane
Riverside Drypool Abbey Street - North side Franklin Street - Brazil Street
Northern Orchard Park Amanda Close - East side Courtpark Road - End
East Ings Mortlake Close 27 - 34
Foredyke West Carr Footpath between Marsdale and Newtondale Littondale - 72
East Ings Balham Avenue Opposite 13 (Near 10)
East Sutton Chamberlain Street 1 - 5 and 21 - 23
Park Southcoates Exeter Grove St. Johns Grove - Oriel Grove
Foredyke North Carr Manston Garth Side 31 - Garages
West Derringham Chester Road Wold Road - End
Riverside Drypool Tenfoot between Laburnum Avenue and May Tree Avenue Lilac Avenue - Holly Grove
Northern University Bentley Grove West side The Quadrant - Cottingham Grove
West Boothferry Luton Road - West side Spring Bank - Brooklands Road
West Boothferry Woodgate Road Luton Road - Brooklands Road
Northern Beverley and Newland Marshall street South side Newland Avenue - Oldroyd House
Northern Orchard Park Balmoral Avenue Endike Lane - End
Park Marfleet Stamford Grove Romford Grove - End
Park Marfleet Twyford Close Longford Grove
Park Marfleet Wansford Grove Marfleet Lane - 72
East Marfleet Castleford Grove Retford Grove - Bradford Avenue
East Marfleet Milford Grove Retford Grove - Castleford Grove
Park Southcoates Lismore Avenue North side
Park Southcoates Oriel Grove Exeter Grove - Both end sides
Park Southcoates Clare Grove Exeter Grove - Both end sides (leave around grass triangle)
Park Southcoates St. Johns Grove - South side Pembroke - Bilsdale (side of park)
West Derringham Nelson Road Willerby Road - End (in between new drives)
West Pickering Wascana Close - Both sides Anlaby Park Road South - End
Wyke Avenue Princes Avenue - West side Belvoir Street - Marlborough Avenue
Wyke Avenue Chanterlands Avenue - West side Tennyson Avenue - Park Avenue West
Wyke Bricknell Salton Avenue - Both sides Hotham Road North - Appleton Road
Wyke Bricknell Hutton Close Hartoft Road - End
Wyke Bricknell Barrington Avenue - North side 56 - Edith Covell Court
Wyke Bricknell Barrington Avenue - South side 129 - Kenilworth Avenue
Wyke Central Tunis Street - South side Nicholson Street - Romney Gardens
Riverside St. Andrews and Docklands Conway Close - East side Gordon Street - Conway Close off-shoot
Riverside Newington and Gipsyville Only Anlaby Road - South side Ruskin Street - West Park
Wyke Central Elm Terrace Off Queens Road
Northern Orchard Park 37th Avenue - Various locations Greenwood Avenue - Hall Road
West Derringham Helmsley Grove - South side Garton Grove - Ampleforth Grove
Northern Beverley and Newland Haworth Street - North and part of East side 41 - Beverley Road and Cottingham Road - Blaydes Street
Northern Beverley and Newland Compass Road Tarran Avenue - Robson Avenue
Northern Beverley and Newland Reservoir Road - Spur off LHS southern side Reservoir Road - End
West Pickering Anlaby Park Road - North west side Behind lay-by at Ireland Walk
East Longhill and Bilton Grange Garland Close Full length
Wyke Central Cromer Street St. Leonards Road - End
West Pickering Hessle Road Pickering Road - Pickering Road
West Pickering Benedict Road 92 - 110
Riverside St. Andrews and Docklands Kings Cross Close Bean Street - End
Northern Orchard Park Dane Park Road - South side Opposite Axdane - Hall Road
Northern Orchard Park Dibsdane - South side Hall Road - Garages
Foredyke West Carr Bretherdale Internal footpath 1 - 3
Foredyke West Carr Jendale Internal footpath 260 - 268
Foredyke West Carr Cotterdale 126 - 75 Coverdale Internal footpath 126 - 75