Disability bus pass

Proofs required

You need to provide one type of proof from each of the following categories –

  • ID such as a valid passport, birth certificate, or driving licence
  • residency such as - utility bill, or council tax bill, or bank statement
  • disability - dependent on eligibility - DWP letter, or an up-to-date letter from the DVLA (D206 or D235), or a letter providing receipt of war pension mobility supplement, or social services card
  • compensation scheme lump sum
  • a current letter from your medical practitioner stating that your entitlement to drive has been withdrawn, refused for medical reasons or an application for a driving licence would be refused if one was applied for

A doctor's letter should also say whether the condition is permanent or temporary and state the expected duration. A doctor is likely to charge you for this letter and it should only be obtained if the criteria is met -

  • if you are from an EU member state and are a permanent resident of Hull, you also need to provide proof of nationality and permanent residency in Hull
  • if you are a non - EU resident, you need to provide a letter from the Home Office that proves you have been granted -
    • permanent UK residency
    • indefinite leave to remain
    • indefinite leave to enter
    • biometric residents permit

You do not need to provide a photograph as this is taken at the library.

If you have been asked to supply any additional documents or proofs to us, you can scan the document to us by taking a picture of the document and uploading it. (Documents can only be sent in JPEG or PNG)