Disability bus pass

Bus pass hot listing

We will electronically cancel your bus pass and 'hotlist' it if it's no longer valid for travel.

There are many reasons why a bus pass may be cancelled -

  • if you've previously reported your pass as lost or stolen and it has been replaced - make sure you use your most recent pass and destroy any old ones
  • if we've contacted you requesting proof of continued eligibility and you've not provided it
  • if your pass has been used inappropriately, for example by a family member or a friend

If a hot listed pass is presented for travel, it will be rejected by the pass reader as it's not a valid card. You'll be asked to pay the fare for your journey and will have to hand over your bus pass, to be returned to us. This is to reduce the number of cancelled passes in circulation.

If you believe you are still eligible for free travel, contact the Concessionary Bus Passes Team as soon as possible.

You'll need to pay for travel until you receive your replacement bus pass.